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Making life a holiday with interesting vacation and adventure ideas.

Tales from here and there about this and that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blogging Milestone 

Today we celebrate our 1000th post. I began writing Tales from here and there about this and that around five and a half years ago, as an online notebook that did not have to be written up as formal articles. Over the years, some posts have been quite extensive, while other posts have been little more than one liners but I like to think that my ramblings have always been interesting. It is my hope that readers have been inspired to check out some of the activity holiday ideas, that the blog has resulted in them buying into the concept of making life a holiday and that every now and then a post has come along that has caused people to smile.

I was asked to compile a list of my favourite posts, 10 out of 1000! and in truth it merely became a representative sample of the many and varied topics that have been covered in this blog since 2004.
  • Truffles, wine and the ultimate activity vacation
    A gourmets delight.
  • Earthly Pleasures
    Religious brewing on the banks of the Danube. Part of a series of posts, following the great European river from its source to the Black Sea.
  • Medoc Marathon
    Last runner to finish gets the prize. Another great activity holiday idea!
  • Om mani peme hung
    The mantra of Compassion sung by Dechen Shak-Da.
  • Haunting, calming, astounding.
  • New Year around the World
    Following the midnight hour around the world.
  • Tomash
    An April Fool's Day spoof about a genetically modified Tomato. Complete with photographic evidence.
  • Bed Bugs
    Advice about how to deal with a global epidemic. Useful information for travelers.
  • Dummy Jim
    An incredible story of a pioneering adventure traveler.
  • Anniversaries in 2012
    2012 is London Olympic year but it turns out that the year has some interesting anniversaries.
  • Micro Philanthropy
    Restores your faith in human beings.

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