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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weymouth Speed Week 2008 

It's that time again; the time when wetass speed freaks descend on Weymouth's Portland Harbour for Weymouth Speed Week.

Portland Harbour is to be the sailing venue for the 2012 Olympic games but during speed week, speed sailors take a crack at the World sailing speed record and in particular aim to hit the elusive 50 knot barrier for the first time. All manner of craft enter, including sailboards, kite boards and some exceptionally engineered cutting-edge designs. Competitors come from around the world, although this year, the Luderitz World Cup is being held in Namibia during the period 15 September - 13 October, 2008, which overlaps Weymouth Speed Week 2008, running 4 - 10 October.

Top speed board sailors are now regularly hitting speed in excess of 45 Knots and some like Martin van Meurs have been logged as reaching peak speeds of 50 knots but for the world record, the speed must be averaged over a measured distance, eg. 500m.

The unique geographical location of Portland harbour results in ideal speed sailing conditions of smooth, strong winds and flat water. Spectators are encouraged at the event, which usually includes workshops and demonstrations, and the Weymouth Sailing Centre is open to all during Speed Week.

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2009 Speed Week runs 10 - 16 October.

See weymouth-speed-week-2009

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