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Friday, September 12, 2008

Paragliding OluDeniz Turkey 

Last week we were riding the waves, this week we ride the thermals with a video from Robbie (Depecherob) showing why Oludeniz is regarded as paragliding paradise. Oludeniz (Fethiye-Antalya) is on the Southwest coast of Turkey and I believe that the launch site, Babadag Mountain is the highest mountain in Turkey.

There's also plenty of activities on the ground and tourists frequently say it is the best holiday that they have ever had.

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Twice a year I go to Oludeniz. This is my favourite spot in May and October. I like the atmosphere, the hotels, the beach, the Elvis imitator and most of all : the superb flying!

There is one BIG annoyance I have when I go to Oludeniz : The Babadag Mountain Tax raised by the Forestry Ministry.

Single pilot going up to Babadag take off’s have to pay 10 YTL (=5 € ) every time they go up, tandem passengers pay 15 YTL. There are approximately 60.000 starts a year from mount Babadag, This is a lot of money for the Forestry Ministry !

You know, I wouldn’t mind paying this tax if at least some of the money would be used to make flying in Oludeniz better and safer: Rubber mats on take off, good sanitary installation, better roads, webcams on top (so you can check conditions before going up),…
These are some of the things the Forestry Ministry could do for us, if they wanted. But so far, they don’t . They just take our money; pilots don’t get anything in return.

That is why I started an Internet Petition on the Babadag Mountain Tax. In the petition we ask the Forestry Ministry to lower the tax and to spend at least part of the money on making flying conditions better and safer. If many pilots sign the petition this might change something !

If you agree on this subject, please sign the petition now and forward the link to other pilots : BabadagNoTax

Thanks !

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31/10/08 22:48  

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