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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

50 knot barrier to fall? 

Another year, and again teams from the north and south hemispheres are both vying to be the first to the 50 knots barrier.

Frenchman Alain Thébault's flying trimaran, l'Hydroptère, holds the record for being the fastest sailing craft over one nautical mile, with an average speed of 41.69 knots, and l'Hydroptère team's next goal is to be first to cross the elusive 50-knots speed barrier.

However, the Australians are determined to beat the French to sailing's holy grail. Mindfull of l'Hydroptère's recent forays in the mediterranean, their entrant Wot Rocket has announced an official attempt during August, to break the 500m world speed sailing record in Botany Bay.

But don't think that the sailboarders will be sitting back and allowing the big boys steal their thunder, one of their number, French sail boarder Antoine Albeau currently has the fastest recorded speed over 500m of 49.09 knots.

Lisa Ratcliff reports in Sail-World on the Australian push to secure the prize.

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