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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hawaii Superferry Protest 

Just a few days after its maiden voyage, the new Hawaii Superferry has been grounded indefinitely until public safety can be assured.

On Monday, environmental protesters, arguing that the new ferry will endanger whales, cause pollution and damage the ecology, paddled out on surfboards, canoes and kayaks to blockade the $95 million ferry, forcing it to return to Honolulu. Already suspended from sailing to Maui because of an impeding court challenge, the Coast Guard has now said that a safe passage for the ferry cannot be guaranteed in and out of the harbor at Kauai.

Superferry officials say that the boat is jet powered, so there are no exposed propellers to endanger marine life and they have instituted special navigational procedures to avoid whales. Ironically, the only alternative means of travel between the Hawaiian islands is by air, which is the mode of transport most commonly targeted by the environmental lobby because of the widespread pollution that it causes.

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This post has generated an incredible amount of interest.

A comment from William that I have had to moderate because he was motivated to use rather immoderate language, points out that not all the protesters are environmentalists. Indeed, he forcefully indicates that he couldn't give **** about the whales and is more concerned about the behavior of the government.

I don't know what aspect of the government concerns him or what that has to do with the Superferry but if William or anyone else can enlighten us, feel free to leave further comments.

By Blogger Geeve, at 3/9/07 13:25  

I think the reason he blames the government is because it is written in the law that they are required to do an EIS. which they didn't and paid off the GovLing [governer lingle] to make sure it would go through without an EIS. It's a classic case of the government working for the corporations instead of listening to the people. check out SinkDaSuperferry.googlepages.com for tons of links to superferry info and video.

By Blogger Unknown, at 4/9/07 20:55  

Thanks for the info Zaphod.

By Blogger Geeve, at 4/9/07 23:36  

the reason for blaming the government is that they didnot paid off because they are required to do EIS..


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By Blogger Unknown, at 21/8/09 06:05  

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