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Monday, June 25, 2007

Ultimate Urban Convenience 

Urban travellers in US cities are now able to use their mobile phones to dial up a find-a-loo service. That's right folks, the ultimate convenience.

Go to www.mizpee.com in your mobile web browser, enter your location and get a list of toilets in the locality. Of course you could try asking someone but mizpee will also provide a detailed listing of the facilities offered and a user-generated cleanliness rating; you know the sort of thing, 5 toilet-rolls excellent and 1 toilet-roll, well let's not go there!

If you decide to use this service, please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any shortcomings, inconvenience or consequential losses. As always, we advise you to check all the details yourself and where necessary, to take professional advice.

We think that this idea has a lot going for it and can see it spawning a new generation of community network sites, each offering subscriber's their own bog. Does this mean that blogging is going down the pan? Will Blogger be replaced with Bogger? One thing is clear, we are witnessing the birth of a new web service that is destined to just run and run; it could end up going anywhere.

Initially launched in San Francisco, MizPee now also covers Portland, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Atlanta, Oakland, and San Jose. The service providers are hoping to cover more cities as soon as possible.

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