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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Melbourne tour on Harley Davidson 

I thought that you might like this video clip provided by jdkarmch of Harley Davidson motorcycles touring Melbourne. Like the man says, when visiting Melbourne, you can take a Harley Ride as a pillion passenger, with your own personal guide, and see as much in 1 hour as you would in 3 days on foot.

Harleys and Melbourne seem to go together well. Set up a hair drier to blow warm air in your face and enjoy the dream.

If you want more, take a look at this longer video from Phoenix Rising, of a large corporate group on an outing through Melbourne on Harley Davidsons, 10 solos, 4 with sidecars and a Heritage Trike, seeing a lot of Melbourne Landmarks.

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Hi Geeve,

Thanks for publishing my video clip on your Blog.

Just a few corrections:

The HD in my business name doesn't stand for Harley Davidson. We use Harleys exclusively, but we have no connection with Harley Davidson - nor do we enjoy their support...

As for the clip, it covers quite a few corporate and other "chauffeured rides". The clip opens with a job my company did for Tourism Victoria involving Qantas Achievers - it was a half day gig and we moved 120 people that day.

Part of the clip sees me taking a BBC Jouno for a ride for a BBC program "You Call the Shots".

The two English girls had just finished a 1 hr joyride and were "coming down" from the natural high - if you follow me...

Who are our customers - people who have never had a motorcycle experience in their life. We take out very few licenced riders. People pay us to take out their friends, tourists who want to see Melbourne and the Victoria from a somewhat different perspective.

By Blogger John, at 18/9/07 08:06  

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