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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monster King Crabs 

A funny, mouth watering, article by Stephen Bleach describes the invasion of Red King Crabs (Paralithodes Camtschaticus) towards Europe. They look like any other red crab but these crabs can grow to a whopping 1.8m. Yes that's metres not cm.

These monsters are going to give anyone out for a quiet scuba a bit of a shock if they happen to come across one and I guess that the surfers will have to watch out for more than a fin. The little ****ers climb! They'll eat anything they can catch, there are already about 10 million of them and they are multiplying rapidly in the cold Norwegian waters.

Wearing a pink rubber, all-in-one, survival suit and armed with little more than a jar of garlic mayonnaise, Stephen went on a crab-catching trip which was followed by an exceedingly good gourmet meal. Go read his article for the full account, I think that it was originally published in the Sunday Times.

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