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Friday, October 14, 2005

Speedsurfing World Championship 

Updated 18 October 2005

In some exciting racing on 16 October, with 25 to 30 knots of wind, Finian Maynard crushed Bjorn Dunkerbeck's nautical mile record of 34 knots to 39.97 knots (74 km/h), making him the current world speed record holder for both the 500m and the Nautical mile . Throughout the day Fininan Maynard (BVI), Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Andora) and Antoine Albeau (France) stole the record from each other.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck won all the windsurfing 500 m event heats, followed by Fininan Maynard and French record holder Antoine Albeau. A result which ensures that Bjorn Dunkerbeck is crowned as the ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix 2005 champion.

In the Ladies 500m event, Karin Jaggi (World record holder 41.25 knots) of Switzerland is leading followed by Valarie Ghibaudo of France and Maike Kallenborn of Netherlands. Valarie Ghibaudo of France broke the woman’s windsurfing nautical mile world record to 33.68 knots (62 km/h)

Olaf Marting of South Africa improved his 500m Kitesurfing world record to 41.79 knots (77.4 km/h) from 41.67 knots but Dirk Hanel of Germany claimed the Kitesurfing world record for the Nautical mile at a speed of 35.44 knots and Aurelia Herpin of France smashed the women's world record for the 500m course from 33 knots to 35.20 knots (60 km/h).

In total, 6 new world speed sailing records and 24 National Records have been set! For a complete listing and the full results, visit the Walvis Bay Speedweek site.

14 October 2005

After leading a master class with Dave White at Weymouth Speed Week, Bjoern Dunkerbeck headed to the Walvis Bay Speedweek in Namibia; part of the 2005 Speedsurfing
Grand Prix Tour and counting towards the 2005 Speedsurfing World Championship.

Like Weymouth, the event has suffered from insufficient wind but it is expected that conditions will improve for the racers over the coming days. Bjoern Dunkerbeck currently holds the number one spot in the 2005 Speedsurfing World Championship, with Finian Maynard in second place and Antoine Albeau in third position.

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