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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Cheese futures market crash forecast 

Shocked pundits were today forecasting a crash in the cheese futures market following an attempt to corner lunar mineral rights.

picture courtesy Lunar Federation Inc. Activity Holidays Guide acknowledgement

The Lunar Federation - Earth's Leading Lunar Real Estate Agency has filed its Articles of Incorporation with the State of Florida's Secretary of States office, Division of Corporations. Lunar Federation stated the purpose of the corporation is to sell Lunar and Mars Real Estate. The Secretary of States office apparently reviewed and granted the Lunar Federation its corporate status as Lunar and Mars Real Estate agents, which according to founder Anthony M Grasso, gives them the authority to sell Lunar and Mars Real Estate for the purpose of colonizing the moon and mars.

On their web site, LunarFederation.com suggests that the legal basis for selling extraterrestrial properties is that if you want to own property on Earth, it must be yours and if the property never belonged to anyone like the Moon or Mars, you must establish a legal basis of ownership; the Lunar Federation intends doing this by setting up the first permanent Lunar and Mars colony.

Affectionately referred to by some observers as the Loonies, investors around the world have already purchased over 2,000,000 acres of land on the Moon and Mars.

Now, with an eye to the main chance, the Activity Holidays Guide team have spotted that the most valuable real estate will be the bit between the planets because its owners will be able to charge enormous amounts for crossing their property.

Think I'll just take a walk and recall William Wordsworth's 'Who but is pleased to watch the moon on high'.

Who but is pleased to watch the moon on high
travelling where she from time to time enshrouds
her head, and nothing loth her Majesty
renounces, till among the scattered clouds
one with its kindling edge declares that soon
will reappear before the uplifted eye
a form as bright, as beautiful a moon,
to glide in open prospect through clear sky.

Pity that such a promise e'er should prove
false in the issue, that yon seeming space
of sky should be in truth the stedfast face
of a cloud flat and dense, through which must move,
by transit not unlike man's frequent doom,
the wanderer lost in more determined gloom.

Further reading: Carl Sandburg's Do You Want Affidavits?

There's a hole in the bottom of the sea.
Do you want affidavits?
There’s a man in the moon with money for you.
Do you want affidavits?
There .......................................

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