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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Life's what happens ....... 

Johnny the horse has provided some background on his blog
The Bed and Breakfast man.
He writes that it comes from a song by Madness and that he earned the nickname because in years gone by, he tended to crash on a lot of peoples couches after late night drinking sessions, and stay for breakfast.

In my earlier posting about his blog, I commented that I couldn't detect a theme and he replies that his theme is whatever comes to mind, whatever his mood. Life he says, should be like that.

I should have recognized such unscripted topical ramblings as coming from a kindred spirit; I fully agree with his sentiments, as another John said,"life's what happens when your busy making other plans."- Beautiful Boy by John Lennon.

The Bed and Breakfast man continues to provide enjoyable reading and a nice window on Sydney. It seems that spring has arrived in Sydney as the northern hemisphere moves into shorter hours of daylight. Still, we get to enjoy the beer festivals; Munich is currently celebrating Oktoberfest. Yes, I know that it is still September but that is done to thwart the foreign invaders who habitually arrive the week after the festival closes! Cheers John.

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