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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Wet and Dry 

Burning Man Festival 2004
Black Rock Desert, near Reno, Nevada USA

As this year's Glasonbury Festival in the UK gets underway with the usual promise of an abundant supply of water, I am reminded that in a couple of months the Black Rock Desert - Burning Man Festival will again be open, with very different water issues.

German born artist Mr.W has provided an excellent gallery of Burning Man Festival images.

Sorry, the site could not be found.
The 2004 Art Theme is 'VAULT OF HEAVEN'

Organizers suggest that the theme encompasses the three simple and eternal questions:

Where does everything come from?
Where does everything go?
And where and how,
in this vast scheme of things, do we fit in?

They remind us that the Ancients thought that the trajectories of the stars described a cosmic dome.

Which is an excuse to quote Thomas Hardy;

In footless traverse through ghast heights of sky,
to the last chambers of the monstrous Dome,
where stars the brightest here to darkness die:
then, any spot on our own Earth seemed Home!

--Thomas Hardy, In visions I roamed, 1866

And show this great twin galaxy picture, the lower galaxy is about the size of our Milky Way and the upper galaxy (seen edge-on) is a birthplace of stars.

NASA_59698. ref. Activity Holidays Guide acknowledgements

Phot Credit: NASA

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