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Thursday, April 22, 2004

I have to share this cautionary tale with readers; a tourist from the UK has been quite badly gored by a bull at a Mexican bullfight, though he appears to be fit and none the worse for his experience. The tourist that is; I do not have details regarding the well-being of the bull.

It seems that the unfortunate guy volunteered to play a game of soccer in the bullring as part of the pre-bullfight entertainment.
OK bullfighting may not be everyone's idea of enjoyment but since humans seems to have a genetically endowed ability to laugh at other people's misfortune, you will probably find the incident causes you to chuckle.

Apparently the organizer told the volunteers that they would be playing soccer and that he would put a ball in the ring. That's right, you're already realized that our luckless tourist thought he said 'ball' but what the organizer actually said was that he would put a bull in the ring.

It seems that even being asked to sign an indemnity against death did not raise enough alarm bells in the minds of the volunteers.

MORAL particularly for all those English speaking football fanatics soon to be heading for Euro 2004 in Portugal:

Use the native language!
The Spanish carefully distinguish between bola (ball) and toro (bull), the Portuguese use esfera (ball) and touro (bull). You kick one and get kicked by the other!!!

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